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NUDE - Interview
November 29, 2010

We know the band is pretty busy right now, so thank you for granting this brief interview.
How and when was born NUDE and what was the motivation?

NUDE was born out of the need to go new ways and to put this idea into reality we were searching a while online and found each other thru Facebook, MySpace, etc.

The NUDE's music is quite special, but despite dealing with different music styles, is it possible NUDE to be defined as an experimental electronic band?

We do really feel at home in multi subgenres but for the album "BASIC GUERILLA MOVES" we have put our claws deep into sound designing a very unique layer of sounds that finds its grip in all the tracks on the album.

One of the remarkable things of NUDE's project is the promotion for its music and aesthetic. I dare say that more than one in NUDE works in marketing, isn't it?

These guidelines make NUDE complete. It's all about the Music, Sounds, Graphics, Internet, Marketing/Promotion and Politics.

Can we say that NUDE is a broad artistic movement?

We at least understand this as follows: NUDE as a collective of artists and a political statement. Offering the soundtrack for the culture of criticism and putting a claim on rebellion. Art, Life, Politics and other excrements are not really separable in real life. You are either so or so. There is no way you can act out being a progressive type in any given artform and not embody this in real life.

What do you think about the today's music industry and for the near future?

The music industry is on its knees today and is trying to stay alive by pushing out loads of clone casted bands that seem to be a safe moneybank. The single scenes and underground have yet to find a solution to this big drop in the music biz. All this feel of helplessness is quite amusing on parts because we do everything ourselves - from production to CD manufacturing to distribution. We are totally autarkic.

NUDE constantly releases remixes, videos on the Internet or contributions made by fans. How do you see the social impact for NUDE?

Thru remixes we have always came in contact with many remixers and musicians worldwide. One of our remixes we gave out to the public was remixed over 170 times and that was really a blast.

We don't really see nude solely as a band but more a collective driven by the many like-minded heads rolling on that journey with us. Like fans at the concerts and on the diverse internet platforms and of course the remixing ones. Lots of them are extremely enthusiastic and are putting their talent in form of pictures, graphics, videos, remixes etc. to digital paper and sharing their interpretation of NUDE. We really like the idea of the classic picture of a musician breaking up. It has become a political statement to be NUDE.

You have recently been in the U.S. Tell us a little of that experience.

We did a 3-week tour in the US beginning of this year with our "NUDE DJ GUERILLA" set. It was exciting and maybe even adventurous. We did gigs at clubs venues and even shut down stores. The situation changed each time and was different to what we had imagined.

What do you think about the European and American audience?

The americans seemed to be more open to a mixed evening. It's no problem if the venue played an Industrial and DnB evening. This is not really possible in Germany. But we seem to get the idea that the European crowd is more willing to just loose it at our gigs. But we are willing and will make sure that the US will get their second chance in proving us wrong on our upcoming tour 2011.

Every bands, until becoming better known, are immersed in an "alternative" state. Once their music is massified rise to a "commercial" level. Do you think perhaps this path will be followed by the band?

Our sound has always been measured by the biggest productions. It is important for us that even live we have to sound as good or even better than any major international act. For production we do not set any measures and just do our own thing as best as we can. We really do have the impression that we are cracking the boundaries more and more and just plainly pissing off many rusty ears knowing that this is exactly what the music scene has been waiting for. The audience does not need to be held dumb with mass-compatible-productions. There is a big necessity for a diversity and different sounding music - like ours!

What are your musical influences?

We are 6 humans at NUDE and with that we have 6 different tastes in style.

Ok, you are 6, but some of you make compositions and have some influences, isn't it? I mean "NUDE sounds like...?".

We all have the same role inside NUDE and work on all parts of this project more or less each at a time or simultaneously hand in hand. Everything is worked on democraticly or anarchisticly. To discribe yourself being an artist is very hard and in our opinion the job of others such as the press or critics. But at least for trying and giving you an answer that might satisfy a little bit, they have said that we sound like The Prodigy or Chemical Brothers. This is kinda a description with which we would can live rather good, even though it's not quite accurate.

Tell us a bit about immediate plans and what is NUDE working on now.

At the moment we are working on our liveset and bringing new flair into the whole package. Video clips for "RUFF, RUGGED + RAW", "HERE I COME" and "HEADBITE" are on the table.

Tour or concerts in mind?

All shows have mainly been organized out of the need and pressure by demand of fans and venues - but we are working on this with a couple of great bookers right now and are in the middle of planning another US tour. In between we will keep up our secret BLACK GIX shows that will still be unannounced to keep it exciting.

And any highlight moment of NUDE's career?

Every concert is a highlight in that moment. On the other hand, we are very happy with the release of our new album "BASIC GUERRILLA MOVES" which is currently rolling out real good. Feedback has been a blast since release. Something we are really proud of because is a project released after a two-years work.

As usual with our interviewees, what is most often used to compose your music: software or hardware? And give us some details.

First of all, we work on a Mac in the studio using Logic and a bunch of plugins. To get the sound we bring "live" we are using quite a big setup. Nowadays, music listeners are used to CD master quality which is not really possible to do "live". We wanted to achieve exactly that. So that's why we work with CD mastered FX and Stems which are fed into a 24 track Hard Disc Recorder (Roland VS-2480 with 24x24 tracks loaded to the maximum). We set up instrument groups (bass, drumbasics, leads, Vox, Ambient-leads, FX, etc.) and mix / loop them live. That's how we can juggle around with all parts from gig to gig.

That's how we can improvise live and still sound like a CD master. All in all we pop out a final stereo out to the stage-mixer and stop anyone else trying to put their perception of how it should sound like onto our mix. Included in our onstage mixing we also have a Roland-Groovebox (MC-909, sometimes even a Roland MV-8000 Workstation) with samples and beat-loops that get filtered/manipulated live.

Our drummer plays a live set which is a combination of accoustic drum-set and trigger pads which are live, recordable and retrigger loop based (sometimes we have two drummers on stage).

The core for all FX is our Receptor 2 Pro Max hardware plug-in player which allows us to use all the studio plug-ins in a live environment. With the vocals we use phrases and samples triggered thru a Kaos Pad and mashed up inside the Receptor.

Thanks again for your time and we hope people know a little more about the band after reading this and NUDE continues on this evolution and making good music.

Thank you guys!

You can read more about NUDE by checking out our catalog.

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