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Ad Inferna - Interview
October 11, 2010

First of all, we would to thank for granting this interview and this way people can know a bit more about you.

Tell us shortly, how was Ad Inferna born?

Ad Inferna is born about 10-12 years ago, like a good old Whiskey could be born too! A lot of different lines-up, 3 albums, a silent period of 8 years, and we were back two years ago with TrancenDance, the EP Heroine and then DSM.

Why this name for the band?

Ad Inferna means something like "from Hell", and I think we deserve this name since all those cursed years we lived!

In the beginning you started with the Trance, but from your last production you turned into a more 100% electronic-based sound. Is it due to market trending or just artistic concerns?

Nope, it's not due to any commercial fact, not at all. We never followed any styles in particular, we've just kept our dark factor afterwards. And who knows, maybe we will come back to our roots later.

Many bands try to forget their first releases, since they were result of an experimentation before the musical maturity. What is your opinion about the early works?

Our first work is one of the best album we composed. But it's naturally different from the last one. Personally, I have some little regrets concerning TrancenDance, because we made some mistakes on this album, so yes, in fact it's a kind of experimentation results, maybe rather blur on our past.

Ad Inferna has worked with some major producers such as Vasi Valli. Tell us your experience to work with someone so renowned into the European electronic scene.

Vasi is a nice and fragile guy, and he was the one fitting perfectly with DSM, which is a very sensitive album. It was a good experience for us, and I guess for him too, cause we asked him to work on the album as a real member, not only a simple producer. So, DSM is a real combination of 3 spirits, and the result is tremendous. Personally, it's the very first time I like to listen to an Ad Inferna album alone (or not).

Your sound is very special, because it's unusual listening to lyrics in French in a scene mainly dominated by the English or German languages. Do you believe that is definitely your style or your message will become more universal in the near future?

It's a very interesting question. French language is our native tongue, and VVA is a very good writer. So, most of the times, we don't want to translate his lyrics to English, because it's very different and we don't want to lose the meanings of the concept. But beside that, French lyrics are most of the times not universally understandable, so for the moment, we just provide the translations over our websites for examples, but in the future, we will develop the English and German lyrics, it was a project, even with DSM.

This year you have been pretty busy working. In fact, your DSM album was launched a few months ago and you are already working on the next release. Talk a little about it.

Yes. DSM is a conceptual album, deserving to be finished. We have hesitated to put the mention "to be continued" onto the DSM booklet, but finally, we will just provide to everyone the next chapter and the very end of the DSM concept. So, indeed, we didn't stop composing in order to stay on the same atmosphere, and now we are producing the next songs... more soon.

In addition, you are constantly working on remixes and also many bands with yours. Tell us about those collaborations.

Last ones were with Reaper, Freakangel, Alien Vampires, etc. Some next great collaborations are to be expected for the next album and even before. Our last remixers were Colony 5, Micky Noise and some other great artists we particularly enjoy.

How has been the audience acceptance of your last album? At least in Germany you keep staying on the Top 15 of GEWC.

Yes, and it's a very good surprise! The answers we received from our last album were only positives. It's the very first time that we don't received any negative thoughts about an album. We are very satisfied of this album, we adore it so much, so it's a real happiness to get good feedbacks and see "Der Ball der Verdammten" on the Top 15 since 7 weeks now.

What are your plans in a medium and short term?

Firstly, carry on producing, mixing and mastering the next album. Then, we should do a few remixes before the end of the year. And last but not least, we will think about touring and put images on the Ad Inferna's sounds.

Do you have any proposal to participate in some festival?

Yes, but unfortunately, it was not the perfect year to accept those propositions. Maybe next year!

What do you think about the American market place for your music? Some people see it as a totally different reality, despite they are more music consumers than European.

Too little time between today and since we have signed under Nilaihah Records in USA to speak you about the real American music market. But as far as we learn, it's very different and very hard. Here in Europe we have still a little place for CDs and merchandising, it seems that USA finally gave a big importance to MP3 and numeric stuffs.

Out of curiosity (we usually ask our interviewees), what do you use most and why: software or hardware?

Both! Personally, I use a real synth to compose and I kept some sounds from it that I don't find under VST format. Also, since our our last EP Heroine, we use now analog compressors and I have got some new materials to avoid the excess of software.

Any scoop for people who are reading us?

Yes, I will take a drink now, does anybody want to share this moment? Ahah! No, seriously, here is a scoop just for you: I am in love with Shakira.

Thank you very much for your time and we hope you keep on achieving success in your musical career.

Thanks to you Kai, you're always welcome, and thanks for your time, you do music survive!

(*) Some photos courtesy of David Enam.

You can read more about AD INFERNA by checking out our catalog.

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