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XPQ-21 - Interview
August 05, 2009

First of all, thanks Jeyênne for the opportunity of giving us this interview.
Some of us know your history, but tell us briefly how has been your career up to now.

Well, it was a high and low ride. Up and down. Music business isn't my business, all I wanna do is express myself. Make people happy or let them cry. But I am very happy so far to be able to travel a lot and enjoy the world with the people around me.

You are a person who plays a lot with musical ideas. Could you say that you have redefined the cyberpunk style?

Don't know if it's cyberpunk. I call it Pin-Up Punk. It's rock music with some electronic instruments and elements, nothing else.

In your life there is an important christian mentor who seems has left a mark on you somehow. Does this contrast with one of your songs "Jesus was gay"?

Yes, you are right. He was the mentor for me to teach me all kind of arts. To paint, play organ, write songs and to have the right feeling for philosophy and psychology, which I use today in my daily work! I wrote this song especially for my sister who is a hard supporter of George W. Bush and all the militant christians in the USA. She is one of the leader of this christian fundamentalism there, which I don't support! That was also the motivation for me to create my own church, which is based on the universal intelligence and all their natural creatures and combines all religions or their signification, that teaches only ONE thing: PURE LOVE! Jesus preached it, and all prophets before and after him! Every militant and fundamentalistic religion CANNOT be the right thing!

In your live performing you radiate a lot of energy and histrionics. How about the idea of theater? Do you feel like something important in your artistic area?

The theater is an interesting art. A great kind of expression.

Tell us a little about your new work, "Pin-up punk."

"Pin-Up Punk" is cursed. The album was finished but something didn't really worked for me. So I deleted almost everything and started the most songs from the beginning! I work since 3 years now on this album and it will be a part of an era. Very intensive and passionate!

You are continually performing in various clubs and countries across Europe. What places do bring to you the best memories? Can I dare to say "Barcelona"? Even you have a song dedicated to that city.

Well, if you talk about memories: I have many great memories in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, New York or Los Angeles. Love this cities and the people who live there.
But yes, that's right! Barcelona is my favourite city of all cities I've seen. Barcelona is the ciudad de noches largas. Barcelona is beautiful. Barcelona is creative. Barcelona is open minded. Barcelona is hot. Barcelona is a woman. Barcelona is sexy. Barcelona is a challenge. Barcelona is...

Despite being an inquiring person, there is a certain devotion to XPQ-21, is this true or you collaborate with side-projects, but somehow anonymously?

Yes it is. I work for my solo project, Jeyênne, a german chanson electro punk project with a german female singer and another two secret projects.

Which are your favorites artists?

Hmm, difficult question. Don't have favourite artists...maybe I like "Hans Zimmer".

You have cooperated with a theme for the "SAW II" movie. Do you bear in mind also something related to the cinema?

Definitely: Yes!

What is the main subject when creating your songs? Society, religion or different reasons?

Love, religion, sex and drugs have the main inspiration for me. Sometimes the daily/society stuff.

Speaking of that, what do you think of today's world?

I think:
- we have the wrong system.
- we have too many social freeloaders.
- we have too many dilettantes who work in high positions.
- we have too many religions.
- we have the wrongly elected race.
- we have too many too many.

Have you still goals to achieve within the music?

Sure, if not it would be boring. The journey is the reward.

When will be possible we can enjoy your last album?

LOL... when it's finished ;-)

Thanks again Jeyênne for talking with us. We hope to hear from you soon and see you again in one of your concerts.

You can read more about XPQ-21 by checking out our catalog.

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