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UTERO - Interview
April 29, 2009

Members of Utero are a hard-to-find guys, so we had to use a spokesman as an middleman. His name is "Crispy". So here we go with the set of questions.
How was born the idea about Utero?

It never was an idea, it was a need, "X" and "Mr. Slimy" met in a club (I think it was called "Nocturna") by coincidence they two were there for the same reasons, to absorb all the energies of perversion and personal enjoyment.

We know your taste about "brutal" music. Was there any emptiness inside all you get used to hear that did motivate the band creation?

Tastes are very different, the Utero's music is like the skin of a young girl, sweet, fresh and ready for anyone who wants to steal her innocence. I repeat, they are not a band, but a lifetime of images, sounds and melodies of the raw, dark and terrible reality, that embraces us every day.

How could you define your musical style?

Violence, pornography, sadomasochism, penetration, obsession, decay, orgasm and of course much love and pain.

You have pretty harsh lyrics, is a reflection of social complex or something more personal?

Since then, its lyrics are very personal, and can also be interpreted as a reflection of today's society, hidden by many people but at the same time identified by themselves. Everything you read is true, they have lived and suffered, now for Utero all is a game and they enjoy it.

How long have you been developing this project? Do you have any significant influences that inspire you?

This madness I think started 7 or 8 years ago, but did not come to light until a few months. Any significant influences? It's obvious: addiction, music, books, films, love, suicide.

How do you see the current music scene? Do you believe a good reception by the audience?

There is excellent music out there, the problem is that just a few people know how to listen on their own, they prefer to be offered with a spoon, although don't care if that spoon is full of worms. Good reception? I think Utero doesn't care too much.

Where do you think it would fit in your style, Europe or America?

Its style fits in perfectly for sure with any of those moneybags, grandparents, masturbator bishops and of course, teenagers, that will be their favorite music, which a mother would never like for her child.

You already have enough material for an LP release, what is the next step, the album promotion or emphasize live performances?

Soon the plague will be spread worldwide, it's only a matter of time.

We suppose you'll have some idea for the videoclip. Do you think of something brutal and gore?

All they do is recorded (snuff-movie style). For them is morbid, especially when they are alone in front of their television, and I assume that very soon all these images will be showed by so expected and certainly censored video.

Tell us a little about your so curious names, is there a story behind all that?

"X" has no name, he never gave one, his father burned him with gasoline because the face reminded of his deceased wife. He now lives in an abandoned industrial warehouse, however, he has always been an unfortunate and ill-treated, raped by society, with serious psychological problems unresolved.

"Mr. Slimy" is quite the contrary, a businessman, with a great fortune, mansions, ranches and young maids. He is very intelligent and privileged who can afford everything. His wonderful family doesn't know about his perversion.

Do you think of using your alter ego so that people do not know who is behind each mask, as Slipknot?

Utero has no faces, the masks are the true face of pain.

How do you see the future of this project?

There is no future, only a present, which you see now.

When will come out your first album?

In a few months, in August 2009? Who knows...

Thanks for this interview and we hope you keep surprising us with your interesting proposal.

I can assure that Utero is just the beginning of something terrible and chaotic.

You can read more about UTERO by checking out our catalog.

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