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F3NIX - Interview
April 20, 2009

Hi Lucia, first of all, thank you for granting us this interview. The purpose is to know a bit more about your Fenix project and future plans.
Tell us a little how did came up Fenix. What was the need to create this project?

Fenix is a musical project born in 2008, due to the need of displaying the creative work that I was done in parallel with my career as a keyboarder for live bands.

The idea came up for the purpose of releasing a creative force and only as a need for expression, which consequently has meant a new phase of re-cognition and personal re-establishment.

We know you've been actively working on other bands, did something that you do not like is what motivated to start your solo career?

Rather, it was quite the opposite, working with other bands strongly motivated me to expose my music and believing in my proposal, as well as each of the bands that I took part believed in their own message.

What forced the change was the realization, since no longer made me happy to play the themes of others, I needed something else.

Tell us a little about your passing through Vigilante. You were in one of its European tours. Did serve this to increase your desire to do something with a more personal style?

My first step in Vigilante was a creative period of great awakening, which filled me with renewed force.

With Vigilante I could grow to as much live music, especially during the European tour in which we were the Agonoize's support band (Tortour2007). This tour helped me a lot, because I feel valued as a musician, with respect and professionalism less seen in my country. This certainly motivated me to take the next step.

Speaking of style, how could you define your music?

Although it is a mixture of various musical genres, in general I like to define my music as "industrial feminine". Always trying to leave the bad connotations of fragility or kitsch associated with the "feminine" term.

For too long women have been represented by musical genre derived from the "machine", not only as a body adorned in latex, or as a sensual groan sampling background. I attempt to change this concept and create a style with strength, to represent us in the proper dimension in which we live.

Is this a project 100% yours? We mean that since the idea comes up and becomes a song, is this process completely done by you?

Yes, from beginning to end, and this is an achievement I am proud of a lot. Since the idea that a woman makes all your music from composition to mastering, going by the recording and mixing, attracts the attention "in the best case", especially because I live in a country where male chauvinism is part of the our people's genetics.

While taking a long time to compose themes, what helps me to realize the development of them is the management that I have reached both hardware and new software for editing and sequencing, as well as years of study in sound engineering.

The only outside help that I had were the guitars for some additional themes, since although they sound very clear into my head, I just control keyboards.

Does any band or project have influenced on you?

Björk of course, was a big influence on the formal and creative, especially regarding to the motivation to undertake an experimental path alone. But musical matters, my biggest influences are: Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, etc. and all those bands who historically have dared to innovate and create new sounds that have influenced generations.

What do you think about the electronic scene today? Especially in America. Is it hard to compete?

The scene is very different in Latin America as North America and Europe. Moreover, for two reasons: the creative and economic.

In Latin America we are creating new proposals, with unique sounds into the electronic music genres. However, we do not have the resources to bring out our proposals on the scale or level of participation made in other countries. This makes it a very difficult competition on equal terms.

Favorably, the Internet has given new opportunities to spread in order that we have a new scene, more democratic, by transcending the borders.

Think being able to highlight on the international scene or this project is an escape to your creativity without any impact?

As you point out, Fenix is an instrument of expression for me and for this reason I do not harbor ambitions regarding to the impact that my music could have.

However, given the characteristics of heterogeneity and individuality of my music, the project has attracted considerable specially the foreign attention. I believe being faithful to my creative needs, after all, it has helped me out from the most purists projects.

Regarding your career, what are your projections?

As I said, I have no preconceived goals regarding a career as a musician.

At the moment, my only plans are to finish my first album and keep looking for new sounds and ways to convey the message I try to communicate.

Tell us about your work. You have recently released the EP "Not my war", when will you announce the first LP?

The work behind "Not my war" was very intense, and the whole process was very liberating and quite visceral, but it certainly was an exercise that helped me to define the style behind Fenix, which at first was a total question for me.
From the creative side, the most complex was to integrate my voice and lyrics to the instrumentals tracks accumulated, due to the fact that as I progressed, I was further from the styles of the electronics industry where I belonged.
At this moment I'm working on my new album, which will be completed by last quarter of this year and available for free download.

The name of your work has to do with a little influence of Vigilante, who constantly use the war topic on its songs?

In particular I pick up the image of the war, but in a opposite way. "Not My War" is a statement of principles against war. About war for power, money, land or religion that unfortunately we live now.

My war is not what Bush or the market economy or Pope show me. My war is against the true enemies of mankind: abuse, violence, indifference, ignorance, slavery, hunger, sexism and racism.

Do you think working with other groups, making remixes, for example? Would you like to work with any band in particular?

I have some outstanding remix, which have requested specific bands in Belgium and I will attempt to take form soon. But if I could dream, I'd love to remix one of my favorite bands, more than anything to add the female strength to the powerful industrial American and European EBM (I usually add my voice to my remixes).

With the recent advance of technology, do you think the musical quality has improved or think otherwise now that anyone can "make" music?

I think the quality is very relative and at all times have been good and bad music no matter what the resources are taken to create it and indeed the public who decide finally.

However, I love the idea of the ease brought by new technologies to support the creative development of artists. What "anyone" does music, photography or film, is excellent, because we have more people experiencing and dreaming and less frustration and segregation based on socio-economic.

Do you agree with the opinions of the music industry where is said that this model is dying because of piracy?

I believe that the music industry is dying, but in a format developed in the last century. However, piracy is not the cause but the consequence due to lack of understanding about the evolution carried out by the current globalized world.

The free downloads gives information changes and free will to people, and involves a greater spreading for the musician. If people like what hear, buy the physical disc and definitely go to the concerts and buy the merchandise to remember the event. Bands like NIN or Celldweller have understood this and have done it very well.

What is the option of success for your work: selling a lot of discs or performing in many shows?

As you've said, the records sale is not important for me and although playing live is fascinating, I think it does not guarantee success but can reinforce it.

Although sounds "corny", the best success option for a musician is to make a creative, innovative and persistent work. As well as NIN, Radiohead or FLA (to mention a few) bands that reflect their name into the global culture with decades of work, regardless of sales or fans behind their proposals.

Are you planning to come Europe?

So far, only dreams, nothing specific. But if there are opportunities I would love to play in Europe, mainly because the most Fenix reception is there.

Thanks for the time given by you to this interview and we hope your project has the expected renown. We also hope you announce your first album very soon.

Thanks to FK Digital Records for supporting the bands without borders.

You can read more about F3NIX by checking out our catalog.

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