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Genre: Industrial, Electro
It's exactly in 1988 when X-Fusion used his legendary C-64 for combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. Two years later his C-64 was detached by Amiga 500, developing to 4 tracks and 8 bit. The first project was born, but the way that had to be gone until Noisuf-X came into being should be long.

During the next years X-Fusion created 10 albums by his own without a real deal. He extended his equipment over and over again and even got several gigs at Techno-parties such as the Innovation Rave (Fantasy/Dülmen) where he showed his abilities live in front of almost 2000 fans. X-Fusion's style of music evolved into the style of Techno/Acid/House just to the year 2000, when his first tracks including vocals were produced.
Finally his hard work that changed into EBM sound at the end got appreciated by Indie-Label Dark Dimensions/Scanner, where he signed a contract and his first album "Dial D For Demons" was released. On exactly this release a track appeared that gave Noisuf-X a basis for its existence by its title. Thus the homonymous side-project Noisuf-X was born.

Noisuf-X produced some Industrial/Noize-Tracks and signed a contract at Pro-Noize/Dark-Dimensions. The first official release was the track "Happy Birthday" on the Alfa-Matrix-Compilation "Bunkertracks". The Noisuf-X's album "Antipode" was released in summer 2005 and the second release, the "Tinnitus EP", will be out in september 2006. So it was and now Noisuf-X creates its own style (something like a hybrid of industrial, noize, electro and ambient music) with its published "Tinnitus EP" and does not need to be hidden within the shadows of X-Fusion anymore. This EP was extremely successful within the clubs and also highly scored the charts. It was more than expected for example GAC-Charts position 04 or even the 3rd position within the DAC-Charts. But this is just the beginning of what is going to come: meanwhile all workings on the album "The Beauty of Destruction" are in process. Noisuf-X likes to surprise and this is the reason for (in opposite to X-Fusion) performing Noisuf-X's music live on stage. In the year 2007 "The Beauty of Destruction" became a great success for the band and the album reached position 2 at the german DAC-Charts. Songs like "Hit Me Hard" or "Toccata del Terrore" are played in almost every industrial club out there. Than in 2009 the third studio album "Voodoo Ritual" was released.

The project's definition is simple and clear: an apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what Noisuf-X, the side-project of X-Fusion, is dealing with. It describes a cold and hopeless atmosphere musically with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and pushing sequences. The recurrent soundstructures and its simple monotony build a catchy opposite to X-Fusion.

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"Excessive Exposure", the new album from Noisuf-X

The fourth Noisuf-X's album will be released in a Japan-only digipak, with 2 bonus tracks featuring vocals from Suicide Commando and Project Pitchfork.
February 1st, 2011
The Electro/Techno Industrial band from Netherlands releases its first album titled "Product" in both physical and digital format. The debut album is finally released and available from here.
UNDER COVER: New album released and for free
May 5th, 2010
Under Cover releases "Beats Scene Imperium", the first out of three albums available for free download from here.
May 6th, 2010
Finally its second full album entitled "Global Genocide" is released, which has a plenty of distorted, violent, heavy, dark, atmospheric and rhythmic sounds. To purchase it, click here.
SUICIDAL ROMANCE: Shattered Heart Reflections
May 7th, 2010
Estonia based Suicidal Romance return with their second studio album to date. Co-produced by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper)

Click here to buy the CD.
FREAKANGEL: The Faults of Humanity
June 10th, 2010 (PRE-ORDER)
Freakangel is a mixture of aggrotech, industrial and dark electro with a touch of rock and alternative music.
"The Faults of Humanity" is mixed/mastered by Jan L (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X).

Click here to buy the CD.