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Genre: Electronic, Techno, Industrial
R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) is Moscow based duo of two famous Russian Dj's: Negative and Fomin. Started in 2002 as solo project by Dj Negative. Abbreviation Inc. in the name of the project changes its meaning from album to album: on the first release "R.I.P." (2003) it was "Inconsistent", on the second, "Till The End" (2005), - "Incorrect". The last time on the "Hard Times... No Future?" (2008) it has a usual meaning of "Incorporated", cause second member, Dj Fomin, join the band in early 2007.

Roppongi Inc. Project's style is hard to describe as well as it is hard to compare it to some of other existing projects: the sound of R.I.P. is very individual and well recognized, and also it is stylistically diverse. The last album "Hard Times... No Future?" has amplitudes in styles from TBM, EBM and Dark Electro to Synth/Future, Goa, Trance and Techno - which means "Dark Electronic Freestyle". There is place for depression, melancholy, fear (by using many samples from different horror films) and explosive dancing in "Hard Times... No Future?", which was missing on the previous releases. Moreover in spring 2007 with its composition "Nothing" and in spring 2008 with track "Hard Times...(DF Dance edit)" Roppongi Inc. Project took parts in Electro-Industrial compilations "Vol.IV" and "Vol.V" by a German label VAWS. In the beginning of 2008 Roppongi Inc. Project made the remixes for the bands Diverje (USA) and Necro Stellar (RUS).

Live-debut of Roppongi Inc. Project happened 16th of September 2007 on one stage with Melotron, Head-less and Diorama in club "Tochka" in Moscow.

     2003 "R.I.P." CD (UIM, UnderIze Muzik, Russia)

     2005 "Till The End" CD (RGP, Russian Gothic Project, Russia)

     2008 "Hard Times...No Future?" CD (Q-Code Records, Russia)

     2007 v/a "VAWS vol.IV" CD (VAWS, Germany), with R.I.P.'s track "Nothing"

     2008 v/a "Dark Spy Compilation vol.19" CD (Dark Spy Magazine, Germany), with R.I.P.'s track "No Future? (Run Mix)"

     2008 v/a "VAWS vol.V" CD (VAWS, Germany), with R.I.P.'s track "Hard Times...(DF Dance Edit)"

     2009 v/a "INTERBREEDING X: Kagefighters" CD (BLC, U.S.A.), with R.I.P.'s track "Easy Life (White Noise Version)"

     2009 v/a "Dark Spy Compilation vol.25" CD (Dark Spy Magazine, Germany), with R.I.P.'s track "Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86"

     2010 v/a "Endzeit Bunkertracks Act [V]" 4CD (Alfa Matrix, Belgium), with R.I.P.'s track "Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86"

     2010 v/a "Endtrovert" by END: the DJ, CD (Shinto Records, U.S.A.), with R.I.P.'s track "Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86"

     2008 NECRO STELLAR "DISSATURATING STELLAR SPACE (Tribute to Necro Stellar)" 2CD, with track "Red Beast" remixed by R.I.P. (Shadowplay, RU)

     2008 DIVERJE "UNLEASHED" CD, with track "Unleashed" remixed by R.I.P. (DSBP, USA)

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