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Genre: Industrial, Electronic, Metal
Formed in early 2003, De-Tached is an Experimental-Electronic band from Los Angeles, California. De-Tached formed out of the ruins of Rayne Xiaphiam's twisted mind. With the new line up De-Tached has currently risen to new heights as of 2009.

During most of 2003, Rayne Xiaphiam and her former line up visualized what De-Tached was at the time and recorded approximately (7) songs, including the single "Remanence", for their upcoming Demo, "However the Inevitable Happened". The band took a well needed break in the latter part of 2004, to work on other side projects. But in 2008, the band changed.

In 2008, Rayne Xiaphiam continued creating new songs and rehearsing,for De-Tached. Rayne Xiaphiam looked for more lost souls, to fill the grave yard of the Project.

"City Of The Dead", the band's debut album is looking more and more promising.T o ease the amount of work on Rayne Xiaphiam's shoulders and also to give the band more diversity in marketing and promotions. They hired 3 web designers, 4 photographers, 1 booking agent, 1 band lawyer, and 1 band manager, and a strong street team whose efforts make everything possible by spreading the word and gaining the interest of more people.

De-Tached debut album, was to be "Waters Emotion" released in 2010. However Rayne Xiaphiam doesn't write synth-pop/future pop anymore. So she scratched the material and sold the whole album to Ehiz Angel, who is tracking his own vocals to it, by creating a new band from it: "Devision Of Angels".

"City Of The Dead" is going to be released this year. In addition, Rayne Xiaphiam writes EBM/Drum & Bass/Trip hop for Club Tracks. The live tracks written by her are Cold Wave, with heavy guitar & bass influence as well as Electronic Elements.

In 2010 Rayne Xiaphiam changed the line up once more and found 3 more souls to finish the circle of De-Tached thus becoming the best foundation had ever.

De-Tached is comprised of Rayne Xiaphiam (live vocals, lyrics, song composition, programming), Vervain Demonicide (live bass), Gene Maschine (live lead guitar), Feanor (live guitar), Vogt 909 (live keys) and Alton Zavior (live drums).

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De-Tached: Chronicle of a stolen work (SOLVED)

Some days ago, Rayne Xiaphiam was surprised with an awkward and annoying situation: some tracks of her forthcoming EP in progress for De-Tached were used by a talentless and fake musician in order to make a whole new album.
De-Tached working in the next album which will come out the next months

The band is currently working in the next album called "Waters Emotion", which features 12 Tracks and 3 remixes and intended to be launched this year.
February 1st, 2011
The Electro/Techno Industrial band from Netherlands releases its first album titled "Product" in both physical and digital format. The debut album is finally released and available from here.
UNDER COVER: New album released and for free
May 5th, 2010
Under Cover releases "Beats Scene Imperium", the first out of three albums available for free download from here.
May 6th, 2010
Finally its second full album entitled "Global Genocide" is released, which has a plenty of distorted, violent, heavy, dark, atmospheric and rhythmic sounds. To purchase it, click here.
SUICIDAL ROMANCE: Shattered Heart Reflections
May 7th, 2010
Estonia based Suicidal Romance return with their second studio album to date. Co-produced by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper)

Click here to buy the CD.
FREAKANGEL: The Faults of Humanity
June 10th, 2010 (PRE-ORDER)
Freakangel is a mixture of aggrotech, industrial and dark electro with a touch of rock and alternative music.
"The Faults of Humanity" is mixed/mastered by Jan L (X-Fusion, Noisuf-X).

Click here to buy the CD.