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Genre: Alternative Rock
Sôber is a Madrid based band formed on early 1993. The very name of the band describes one of their most remarkable qualities, sobriety, by combining musical power and vocal melody, and their characteristic and unique way of performing.

The band was founded by Carlos Escobedo (voice and bass) and Antonio Bernardini (guitars) together with Elias Romero on drums and Jorge Escobedo (guitars) who joined few months later. This was the original line up of the back then known as Sober Stoned.

They sang in English at the beginning and in 1994 recorded a demo called "Mirror's Way", that included 5 songs. This demo is a treasure that every fan of the band dreams about. They self released the first official album in 1997 and called it "Torcidos". The record helped them become more popular.

A milestone in Sôber's history was the recording of the song "La Prisión del Placer" that was included into a Heavy Rock compilation and had a big reception from the audience. It inevitably led the band to record new songs, this time under the name Sôber at Rocksoul Studios and produced by the band and Alberto Seara. These new songs got to Zero Records that decided to sign the band up.

On late September 1998 they released a CD-EP called "Condenado" and in 1999 started playing in every corner in Spain. Then recorded their second album with Oscar Clavel titled "Morfología", which had songs like "Abstinencia", "Loco", "Predicador" or the classic "La Prisión del Placer". Alberto Madrid would join the band in 1999 as new drum player.

The new album would be out in 2001, called "Synthesys" and the first single "Oxígeno", was produced by Oscar Clavel and recorded at Kirios and Eurosonic Studios. The new material continues the line of "Morfología" but follows up as well the evolution of quality and sound that has characterized Sôber since the very beginning. Songs like "Versus", "Si me marcho" or "Vacío" made "Synthesys" one of the best Alternative Rock albums recorded in Spain and brought a lot of attention. Sôber then outstands in the Spanish rock scene and supports bands like Deftones or HIM. Their very much-acclaimed show at Festimad was another milestone for the group.

An extensive tour and the idea to keep on evolving musically was the cue for the fourth studio album, "Paradÿsso". "Diez años" was the hit single of the new record and reached the top one in the Spanish music charts. This time released through Universal Muxxic, recorded at Cube Studios with Alberto Seara and entirely produced by Sôber, so every personal idea was developed. "Paradÿsso" has been the best selling album of Sôber and achieved Platinum sales. A successful tour followed, with over 100 shows in 2 years.

After releasing "Backstage 02/03" which included songs from the live show at La Riviera (Madrid), their fifth and last studio album was launched, "Reddo" (meaning reflection in Latin). Once again, recorded and produced by the band themselves, at their own Cube Studios in Madrid for Universal Muxxic and mastered by Scott Humphrey in Los Angeles. The frontman and bass player Carlos Escobedo wrote most of the music and lyrics.

After more than 10 years together, each of the band members decided to take a break and pursue different interests, but parallel, with 2 new brand projects: Savia (with Carlos Escobedo and Alberto Madrid) and Skizoo (with 2 Sôber guitarists, Antonio Bernardini and Jorge Escobedo).

In winter 2005 and to summarize their career, a greatest hits compilation is released, "Grandes Éxitos 1994-2004", with songs selected by the band plus a live show DVD. Sôber puts an end, for a while, to a very important chapter of Alternative and Metal Rock in Spain.

Unfortunately, tragedy crosses their path when in November 30th of 2006 Alberto Madrid passes away in a car accident at Madrid's M-40 highway.

Over the years of separate projects coming from the band's break up, each member of Sôber had gathered experiences, knowledge, and feelings that lead finally to rejoin in 2009, announced officially on January 1st, 2010 with Manu Reyes as new drum player, who was Savia's drummer at the time. And this was followed by a tour that took the band initially to South America and main Spanish cities. A new greatest hits compilation comes out, "De Aquí a la Eternidad", which included two unreleased songs, "Sombras" and "Ocaso". This new album meant a real comeback to the market and the scene for the band.

Over 50 shows during 2010, including prestigious festivals like Rock In Rio Madrid, where they were the only Spanish band to play main stage with Motörhead and Metallica. Other major events like Sonisphere also get to see the Sôber's return.

Currently, they have just finished recording the new and long awaited album, called "Superbia", which represents more than a year and a half of hard work, and an improved sound, one of the key objectives of the new Sôber, in order to enter international markets and make the band more known abroad.

(Live pictures courtesy Javier Bragado)

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