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Genre: Gothic, Darkwave
The first time Roman Rain attract attention in the beginning of 2007 when he moved from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg to develop his artistic career. The demanding audience of North Capital of Russia was conquered without any fight, and after a long tour other cities of Russia and nearby countries followed.

Roman Rain is a unique phenomenon on modern Russian scene, the other level of quality, for which you cannot find analogues or find the similarities with other famous artists. In his music the sincerity and drive of rock are harmonically mixed with elegant arrangements and remarkable melodies of pop-music, profound lyrics with electronic rhythms which can capture any dance floor. As the result came a "cocktail" with such unimaginable energy that there are no chances to be left indifferent.

The art of Roman Rain is a delicacy for intelligent musical gourmet. With bravery of real professional Roman is mixing in his songs all the best of contemporary music. The result is as a glass of expensive wine, revealing gradually, astonishing by the brightness of the first impression and leaving the long emotional "aftertaste".

From song to song in the album and from album to album the music of Roman Rain changes discretely as do the emotions and feelings of anyone along his life. Not changed stays only one, this is a real music. Lively and multifaceted. Listening to it you can be melancholy alone, dance in a club, travel, fall in love, meaning, you can live and each time find some new graines, not noticed before.

In the past three years from the moment of appearance on the scene of St. Petersburg Roman Rain had performed on one scene with many famous musicians of very different styles, several times traveled with a big tour around Russia and nearby countries, published three totally different but equally successful albums. His music fits everywhere, on big open-air festivals, in small cozy clubs and even on TV. Two songs of Roman Rain were played in scandalously famous series "Shkola" (School) by Valeria Guy Germanika which was showed on the main Russian TV channel "ORT".

In May 2010 Roman Rain took part in one of the most famous and bright festivals: Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany. At the same time the German edition of the album "Roman Rain" was released by the well-known German dark-scene label Danse Macabre.

On the first day of spring 2011 the first official video clip on popular song "Koroleva" was published along with the Russian edition of the new album "Roman Rain" released on the oldest Russian label "SOYUZ".

What other surprises are prepared for us by the artist the time will show, by then we can continue to take pleasure from the music of Roman, bright, remarkable and sincere.

Romain Rain has released several full format albums: "31,0345 Years of Dread", "Rozhdennaja Rejat", "Besplotnost", "Rozhdennaja Rejat", "Besplotnost Version 2.0 (online edition)", "Roman Rain - German edition" and "Roman Rain - Russian edition".

Band lineup:

Roman Rain
Vocals, music, arrangements, lyrics

Andrey Kraft

Alexey 'Nova'


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